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CORE 10 tips on being positive

CORE 10 tips on being positive

CORE 10 tips on being positive

It can be difficult to be positive all the time. If it was that easy it would be a different world. But we still have a choice as to what we want to think about and how we want to feel. We have two pathways positive pathways, a positive one and a negative. We have a choice on which path we want to be on.

People find it difficult to switch from a negative frequency to a positive one and a lot of people give up because it is too hard or they are not seeing results quick enough. The mind is an instrument it doesn’t control us, our soul controls us. The mind like a computer, it doesn’t know right or good bad. It believes what we keep telling. So if we keep telling it bad things, guess what it will believe it!

The good news is that if we can tell the mind bad things and it believes it then we can save positive thoughts, feelings and behaviours too. It is believed that it takes 21 days for a new habit to be formed and saved in the mind…. so the more positive you are the more the mind will accept it in as a new behaviour.

But the more you try and stick at it the easier it gets because the mind eventually will save this new positive behaviour.

Core Tips:

1. Who you hang around with matters. Stick with people who are POSITIVE themselves, who make you feel good, who perhaps are role models and avoid toxic negative people and situations as much as possible.

2. MANTRAS and AFFIRMATIONS are great way to feel positive and to tell the mind what you want.

3. MEDITATE when you can. It is very calming, leaves you feel relaxed, centred and positive. You can close your eyes m, listen to relaxing music, listen to guided meditations or simply sit in silence.

4. Change your LANGUAGE. Be mindful of what you are saying to yourself in your mind and out loud, you will be surprised what you say when you tune in…

5. Do regular “CHECK IN’S” by asking yourself; What am I feeling? What am I thinking? This will keep pushing you on to a positive path

6. Have goals & hobbies to keep you motivated and fulfilled in life

7. Be KIND to yourself, look after your energy inside and out, give love to yourself, do the things that make you sparkle… and smile more

8. When you get that thought saying “It’s hard”, “I can’t do it” remind yourself WHY you are doing….. because it feels good! It feels good to be positive and feels bad to be negative.

9. GRATITUDE is a beautiful way of staying positive because you are giving thanks to the Universe for all the things that make you happy and are grateful for. The Universe loves this and acknowledges what you are grateful and gives you more of it! This is the law of attraction.

10. Create a VISION board. A vision board is simply a collage of photos, images, pictures of your dreams, goals & desire. Having a vision board where you can see it daily brings positivity, motivation, inspiration and a zest for life.

It is vital to be mindful and take care of our mind body and soul and when “choose” the positive pathway we choose a better happier way of life.

Love & Light


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