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5 ways to raise your vibration

5 ways to raise your vibration

5 ways to raise your vibration

1) Meditation

This beautiful technique allows you to center yourself and ground you into the here and There are different ways and it really depends on personal preference. Set the scene, a quiet place, no interruptions and perhaps candles burning. Either play a guided meditation of your choice , or some relaxing music if you prefer, or place a candle infront of you focus on the candle then close your eyes still seeing the candle in the minds eye. The time you meditate is up to you but I suggest 10 mins minimum for a relaxing outcome. If you find your mind wondering dont let it put you off simply keep bringing your awareness back to the guided meditation, music or candle. The more you do this the more it will become easier and your mind will wonder less. You may feel there is too much chatter going on in mind but the subconscious mind will absorb the meditation and generally once you open your eyes you tend to feel some kind of shift this shifting your vibration

2) Energy Healing

Such as Reiki. This wonderful technique is not only relaxing it calms, clears and cleanses the mind body and soul as a whole. Healing aligns you to the vital source energy which we need to be of optimum health and wellbeing. As the healing cleanses the energy in and around the body it raises your energy frequency. Healing therefore also connects you to your inner core your higher self which is always operating from a positive place. There are different types of healing and I work with Reiki healing- Usui System. At the end of the day any healing system provided by a qualified practioner will definitely benefit you as we are all working with the same source. You will notice your energy frequency being lifted and heightened.

3) Exercise

We all know exercise helps to rejuvenate the mind and body and release ‘happy’ hormones. Choose the type that best suits you, it could be gym type, aerobics, swimming, yoga, pilates or dance. The key is to do whatever you choose to do regularly. Routine keeps the momentum and habit going… and I stated earlier it takes 21 days for a new habit to form a d be saved in the mind! It really boosts your vibrational energy.

4) Tuning into yourself

Tuning just means connecting to yourself from within. Tuning in daily first thing in the morning can help you set objectives for the day – not only professional or personal goals but also how you want your mind frame to be, how you want to feel etc. These reminders can be magical for your day ahead. Tuning at the end of the day for just 10 to 15 minutes can also be very powerful as it can help to release anything you need to let go of from the day, give you time to contemplate and reflect on your day. I like to visualise this as filling the days events away in my mind and I follow it up my deep breathing exercises. It really does lift your energy vibration and it boosts self care.

5) Stay away from toxic people

Be mindful of who you hang around with. People’s energy can drag your mood down if they are negative and they can drain your energy. Protect your energy by being around happy positive people. With out being disrespectful, at the end of the day people like to be around happy, smiley positive people. People who inspire or motivate you are also the best people to be around. It is refreshing! Avoid people or situations as much as possible if you know they will dampen your vibe. You are only responsible for your energy and only need to concentrate on your own self. When you feel right is only then you can be of help to others. Keep your vibes up!

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