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Beauty is within you

Beauty is within you

Beauty is within you

It seems to be a fact that we all forget the inner beauty exists within us. Although we all maintain our outer beauty and are conscious of it, it is also important to recognize the inner beauty that we all have inside us. Having the balance of both inner and outer beauty can really enhance the way we feel about ourselves.  It is all about noticing and appreciating the fact that we have such beautiful qualities inside of us.

Beauty whether it is inner or outer are both equally important however, there can be some confusion as to the differences between them.

If we firstly look at ‘outer beauty’ which we all see initially.  This generally refers to the characteristics of a person – the physical make up. We all spend a huge amount of time ensuring we look our best and the fact is it does make us feel good!  In contrast ‘inner beauty’ is not visibly seen as such but belongs deep within us – the inner make up.

It is something we feel on the inside when we are totally being ourselves. These are the unique, positive aspects of an individual for example, personality, intelligence, compassion, empathy, kindness, creativity, sensitivity, confidence and the list goes on…

It is possible to bring these inner attributes out into the outer surface of oneself to complement and enhance the beauty of the eye. It is possible to have both beauties hand in hand. The key is to positively manage the way we feel about ourselves and that is accomplished through changing the way we think.  Having self-awareness of who we are and also what makes us the way we are, can help us discover the unique gifts which we all have inside us. 

These gifts can make a difference to our lives and to others around us.  It is a matter of self-discovery.  Maintaining a positive inner image of our selves and having self-belief that it’s not always about what we look like can be a step in the right direction.  If we learn to love ourselves first, then we will receive the love back from others. The positive vibes we send out will shine through and people will notice.

Inner beauty can be seen through helping others such as family or friends in need, being genuine and trustworthy, having unconditional love for all (and yourself), being kind, your authentic etc..  There are many more hidden qualities we can discover if we try. When we are aware of this inner beauty, we automatically feel good about ourselves, we add to our personality and we can use these as our strengths.

The way we feel inside can reflect how we appear on the outside. What’s so special is that everyone has their own unique qualities and become more attractive externally if those qualities are nurtured and developed.

 It is all about discovering those hidden treasures within us and letting it shine through for everyone to see.

Love & Light


( article published in Vanity Magazine 2011 issue no.21 )

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