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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient healing system used to heal the mind body and soul. We have vital energy in us that we need to remain healthy if this is unbalanced it can cause physical, emotional and psychological problems. A Reiki practitioner/ Master replenishes the energy by placing their hands over the client’s chakra (energy centres) on the body. Reiki removes blocked energy allowing free flow of vital energy around the body. Reiki activates the body's natural healing system and heals the mind body soul.

What happens during a Reiki Treatment?

During a treatment the client lies on a couch fully clothed and the practitioner will place their hands over the client’s chakra points on the body based along the spine. Reiki will start flowing from the practitioner palms into the client. The practitioner’s hands will either hover over the body 'hands off" or their maybe slight touch "hands on" for example on the head, shoulders and feet. This will be fully explained and the client can let the practitioner their preference. Reiki is generally very relaxing and calming and more than often the client will fall asleep leaving them feeling balanced, peaceful and rejuvenated. At Anita Core Healing, more tools and tips are also offered in sessions in the Reiki Empowerment sessions to support your journey.

What does a Reiki Treatment feel like?

What a person feels during a treatment varies because we are all unique individuals and have experienced different situations or have different issues. Generally, clients express a range of feelings such as: tingling, feeling cold or hot, feeling heaviness or slight pressure, energy waves flowing or seeing colours. Sometimes a client may feel nothing in the treatment at the time which is normal too, the healing is always received and will work for them. They may feel something few hours, few days later in the form of a feeling, thought, realisation, release etc. Everyone will certainly benefit from Reiki in their own unique way, in their own time for their highest good. Reiki has a way of flowing where it is most needed.

How does Reiki help?

Reiki has so many benefits and will leave feeling renewed, rejuvenated and cleansed. I like to describe it like having a shower on the inside. It works wonderfully to reduce stress and anxiety. Not only does it relax you it activates the body's natural healing ability and maintains wellbeing. When energy flow is not optimum, weakened or blocked health problems start to arise. This could be displayed physical symptoms, emotional, psychological or spiritual.

Is Reiki Safe?

Yes Reiki is safe. It is a natural healing system which is non-invasive and works identify the root cause of the issue/ blockage. Reiki is perfectly safe for all age groups, babies, children, teenagers, adults, elderly and it will never cause any harm because it is natural. Reiki healing works well for; overwhelm, trauma, anger, worry, panic attacks, stress, anxiety, negative thought pattern, hormonal imbalance, menstrual issues, pregnancy, fear, doubt, relationship issues, confidence, focus, life purpose, insomnia, preparing before surgery, exams for children, nervousness and much more... Healing has also been used with cancer patients and terminally ill patients to help with pain, help them feel more comfortable, boosts natural healing ability, and relaxes. It is also safe to have whilst taking traditional medicine and other therapies. Please see testimonials for more insight.

How many Reiki Treatments do I need?

It is really difficult to pinpoint an exact number of treatments needed. Everyone is unique, have different needs, different healing thresholds and different ways to release. It really depends on several factors for example, how long you have had the health issue or problem, what the health concern or issue is. Before your first treatment we will spend time to discuss this and I will explain the factors in more detail. Following this an individual treatment plan will be created to suit your needs. We discuss progress regularly and you will know/feel your progress.

What are Chakras?

Like we have veins that take blood around the body, we have meridians which carry energy around our body which is vital for our wellbeing. This vital life force energy needs to flow well to keep optimum health. Chakras are energy centres that we have in or body and there are many. Each chakra corresponds to a particular part of the body area and organs. If the energy flow is depleted, low or blocked the energy centres stop spinning or stop working. Reiki works to revitalise the main 7 Chakras, open them, release any blockages and anything that doesn’t serve you anymore. This creates balance, harmony, increased wellness, peace and of course healing of the mind body and soul.

What is Mindset Coaching?

Mindset Coaching is all about unlocking your potential to live a fulfilled life, connecting you to your core where all your answers are and allow you to be the best version of you. Coaching can be used for anything. It looks as at 'where you are now' and 'where you want to be' and finds the steppingstones in between to get you there. Think of coaching like navigation... it looks at your current position and takes you to your destination.

How many Coaching sessions will I need?

The number of sessions depends on the Individual and what they are seeking to achieve. The aim is to provide the confidence & tools in the session and for the client to be able to apply them in their world. Generally after around 6 sessions a client has gathered the information they need through the sessions, connected to their powerful selves- their core and have a plan of action which they can then start working on. The first few sessions are weekly and as the client starts to create their goal in reality the sessions may reduce to bi-weekly, then monthly. I want you to be out there making it happen! Everyone's needs are different, so a unique coaching plan is created specifically for you. I work with my clients and do what's best for them and so have a flexible approach. I am just the facilitator supporting your journey.

Can I do Reiki training with you?

Yes of course! The more healers we have in the world the better. There are 3 levels; Reiki 1, 2 and 3. You would need to complete them in order. Each level heightens your connections to yourself, to Reiki and to the Source, Creator. You receive online or in person face to face training, receive a comprehensive manual and certificate at the end of the course. The day includes meditation, activities and interaction. Reiki 1 is one day course, Reiki 2 and 3 are two-day courses. For more information please go to main website and select Reiki training.

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I am Reiki Master, Healer, and Trainer who is passionate about taking people on their healing journey, empowering people and connecting them back to their core… By core I mean connecting you back to your true essence of being, which can be lost in the chaos of life.

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