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What is Reiki Healing

What is Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient form of hands-on healing, the laying of hands on the body and aura and is probably thousands of years old. It is believed that this technique was used by Tibetan Buddhist monks and then rediscovered in the 1800’s by Mikao Usui – The Usui System.
“Rei” means Universal and “Ki” means Life force. ” Ki” is a non-physical energy that is the vital force flowing through all living things to exist. Ki surrounds and animates all of life and is the primary source of our thoughts, emotions and spiritual existence.

Having a high frequency of energy flow in the body means optimum health – mind body and soul. Life challenges is easier to handle. One is less vulnerable to disease or illnesses and the approach to life is balanced as well as positive.
In contrast when Ki is of low frequency in the body, it is more susceptible to negativity, disease, illnesses, and imbalance.

The aim is to cleanse, balance and renew energy within the body by removing any negative energy blocks that disconnect you from your inner strength and power.  This is what I call – connecting you to your ‘CORE’.

There are 7 main Chakras – energy points along the body that regulate corresponding organs and glands in that area.  Chakras provide the flow of Ki in the body and they can get blocked when our energy is low causing emotional, physical or emotionally issues. Healing releases the blocks restoring vitality.

Reiki is perfectly safe for all age groups, babies, children, teenagers, adults, elderly and it will never cause any harm because it is natural.
Reiki healing works well for; overwhelm, trauma, anger, worry, panic attacks, stress, anxiety, negative thought pattern, hormonal imbalance, menstrual issues, pregnancy, fear, doubt, relationship issues, confidence, focus, life purpose, insomnia, preparing before surgery, exams for children, nervousness and much more…

Reiki Healing

Health Benefits

Reiki treatment is a natural healing system and is totally safe for all ages, babies, teenagers, adults, elderly.

Results may vary from individual to individual as everyone is unique and everyone’s healing journey is different. Most clients feel some relief and relaxation in the first few sessions, some may need more sessions for Reiki to heal deep issues, some clients simply like to come regularly to renew, maintain and relax.

When you work on the inside then life on the outside feels good…… simply because when you feel good, then life feels good.

Reiki is something that can’t be described, it needs to be experienced.


What is Distance Reiki Healing

The beauty about distance healing is that you can be anywhere in the world and still have a powerful healing treatment! Great for people who live abroad or far from my base, those travelling and those unable do in person sessions due to time or illness. Healing distantly is just as amazing if not more powerful as having a face-to-face treatment. It works because energy transcends and goes beyond time and space. Energy can be sent to anyone, anywhere at any time. An example is when you think about someone and then they amazingly call you or you unexpectedly see them. You sent a connection via energy!

To send distant healing all that is recommended is for you to be in a space where you won’t be disturbed and can relax, lay down or sit in a comfortable position, maybe light a candle or oils, incense, play healing music and just allow the Reiki energy to flow through you. Reiki healing energy is intelligent and knows exactly where to go to balance you.

Distant Reiki Healing is becoming more and more popular because of the convenience and effectives. Sessions can be via skype, zoom, phone, text or voice message. The best method for you can be discussed

Reiki Healing

What is Energy & Mindset Coaching

Whether it’s focus, fulfilling a goal in life, positivity, moving forward in life, confidence, spiritual guidance, or awareness, managing anxiety or stress, coaching will provide you with tools and techniques to connect you back to your core. The aim is to unlock your own unique potential to manage thoughts, emotions, reactions, and to be able to move forward in life without limiting yourself.

Coaching is tailored to each individual as everyone is unique and has different needs and goals. Sessions introduce you to new techniques and different ways of thinking with tips and tools to support your life journey, create new options and choices

Benefits of Coaching

My motto always is – When you feel good on the inside you feel good on the outside and so Coaching brings balance to your life overall. I use a combination of coaching, NLP techniques, breath work, meditation tools & healing guidance.

The Reiki Principles

About Me

I am Reiki Master, Healer, and Trainer who is passionate about taking people on their healing journey, empowering people and connecting them back to their core… By core I mean connecting you back to your true essence of being, which can be lost in the chaos of life.

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